Revolutionizing ICU, NICU, and resuscitation environments with NEXOR.port beam systems


NEXOR MEDICAL is proud to introduce the NEXOR.port beam systems, a pioneering multifunctional solution designed to meet the demanding needs of Intensive Care Units (ICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and resuscitation rooms. This suspended platform system elevates patient care, but also improves workspace versatility, making it an indispensable tool in high-demand care environments.

Optimal design for critical care

Designed with precision and care, the NEXOR.port Beam Systems provide unmatched efficiency in arranging medical equipment and devices. Available in four profile lengths, with various columns and headboards, this system allows for a tailored setup that maximizes space and accessibility. The addition of a wide range of workplace accessories further enhances the functionality, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver accurate and effective care even in the most critical situations.

Enhanced accessibility and safety

The optimal working height and 360-degree accessibility of the NEXOR.port Beam Systems ensure that medical staff can provide comprehensive and unobstructed care. This accessibility is crucial for maintaining continuous patient care without physical barriers, improving outcomes in critical care scenarios.

Integrated lighting for enhanced environment

NEXOR.port Beam Systems go beyond traditional care solutions by integrating sophisticated lighting options that promote safety and comfort. The system includes indirect lighting and, optionally, advanced lighting features such as RGB and circadian light settings. Additionally, the system is equipped with examination lights, navigation lights, and drawer lights, designed to facilitate nighttime activities without disturbing patients, thereby supporting a restful healing environment.

A comprehensive solution for critical care

At NEXOR MEDICAL, we understand the complexities of high-demand care environments. Our NEXOR.port Beam Systems are more than just equipment; they are a comprehensive solution designed to support the most rigorous healthcare settings. By integrating these advanced systems, facilities can enhance their care capabilities, ensuring that both patients and healthcare staff benefit from a safer, more efficient, and adaptable care environment.

Discover how NEXOR.port Beam Systems can transform your critical care spaces into models of efficiency and patient-centered care.



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