Enhancing surgical precision with NOVA.light’s advanced lighting solutions


At NEXOR MEDICAL, we recognize the critical importance of visibility in surgical environments. Our NOVA.light series is engineered to revolutionize medical lighting, providing surgical teams with the clarity and flexibility they need to perform at their best.

Customizable Lighting for Optimal Visibility

The NOVA.light offers customizable settings, including NOVA.BLUE and Ambi-Light, allowing surgeons to adjust lighting from a bright white to soothing blue or green, reducing monitor glare and minimizing eye fatigue. This adaptability ensures that every team member, from surgeons to anesthesiologists, experiences optimal visibility.

Smart Shadow Management

Featuring advanced passive shadow management, NOVA.light’s precision-engineered reflectors produce independent light beams that adapt to obstacles, maintaining consistent illumination without shadows that can obscure crucial details during procedures.

With NEXOR MEDICAL’s NOVA.light, surgical environments become spaces of unparalleled precision and safety. Our commitment to innovation ensures that healthcare professionals have access to the best tools, enhancing outcomes and transforming patient care.



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