Discover unparalleled support with NEXOR.port by NEXOR MEDICAL


At NEXOR MEDICAL, we are committed to providing unparalleled support exactly where you need it. That’s why we proudly introduce our NEXOR.port medical supply units, crafted to optimize workflow efficiency for medical staff and ensure safety and infection prevention in healthcare settings.

Customized functionality for operational excellence

NEXOR.port units play a fundamental role not just in operational efficiency but also in creating a pleasant and distraction-free environment for both patients and visitors. By blending German technology with Italian design, we ensure efficient access to supply points for medical personnel while maintaining a functional and aesthetic environment.

Versatility and reliability in every unit

Characterized by their versatility and adaptability to various needs and situations, our NEXOR.port units are the essence of functionality and reliability. Designed to meet the working conditions in ICU, NICU, emergency rooms, recovery rooms, operating rooms and resuscitation rooms, our delivery system improves patient accessibility and provides workspace flexibility.

Secure connection and stable supply for medical staff

NEXOR MEDICAL’s medical supply systems offer everything medical staff needs to work effectively at all times. We guarantee a secure connection to power and data networks, as well as the supply of medical gasses, providing a stable yet flexible platform for medical devices and accessories.

Experience and quality that set us apart

With over 25 years of experience in the field of medical supply systems and thousands of units installed worldwide, NEXOR MEDICAL consistently sets new standards for performance and quality in this sector.

Discover how NEXOR.port can transform your healthcare setting, offering the exceptional support you and your patients deserve.


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