Discover unmatched versatility with NOVA.light: 100% customizable solutions


At NEXOR MEDICAL, we understand that every medical environment has its unique challenges and needs. That’s why we’ve developed the NOVA.light 300/350/450 series, a testament to our commitment to versatility and customization in medical lighting.

Tailored for every space

Our NOVA.light series is designed to meet the diverse demands of healthcare settings, offering three configurations to achieve optimal performance in any space: ceiling lamps for widespread illumination, wall lamps for focused lighting, and mobile lamps for flexibility and portability. This adaptability ensures that whatever your space requirements, NOVA.light provides the perfect lighting solution.

Enhance with accessories

To further personalize your lighting setup, the NOVA.light series comes with multiple accessory options. Whether you need rechargeable batteries for uninterrupted power, sterilizable handles for enhanced hygiene, or single-use sterile sleeves for infection control, we’ve got you covered. These accessories are not just additions; they’re integral to ensuring that your lighting system is perfectly suited to your operational needs.

Flexibility meets clinical excellence

We firmly believe that technology should not be rigid. Instead, it must be flexible and adaptable, capable of conforming to the varied demands of different medical environments and clinical situations. With the NOVA.light series, we bring this belief to life, offering a lighting solution that’s not only versatile and customizable but also meets the high standards of clinical excellence.

In a world where the only constant is change, NEXOR MEDICAL’s NOVA.light series stands out as a beacon of adaptability and innovation. By choosing NOVA.light, you’re embracing a solution that evolves with your needs, ensuring optimal performance, and enhancing patient care.



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